Chapter President

The NSANW Chapter President is the ambassador for chapter. S/He is responsible for leading chapter meetings, being visible in community, and being a champion for the National Speakers Association and NSA Northwest.

The Chapter President is responsible for planning and leading board meetings. This includes keeping the board members agenda-focused on chapter needs and goals. (We are professional speakers so this can be challenging.) Soliciting feedback on the timing of agenda items to strive for accomplishing chapter goals and forward progressing of the chapter. In between board meetings s/he is responsible for checking in with each board member and seeing how to best support them.

It is required that the Chapter President attends NSA leadership events such as NSA’s Annual Influence conference and Winter conference. The Chapter President is responsible for writing a monthly newsletter to NSA Northwest community updating them on the progress of goals and upcoming events.

Most importantly, the Chapter President is responsible for grooming the Chapter’s President-Elect to become Chapter President – this is the fun stuff!

Past-Chapter President

Ideally, this role will be served by a Chapter President who’s term was within the last three years. It can be served by any Past-NSANW Chapter President who is willing to advise the current Chapter President during their term.

The Past Chapter President serves on the Presidential Committee and the Governance Committee. The Presidential Committee includes the current Chapter President and Chapter President-Elect and is responsible for making decisions that affect the chapter beyond the current term or past actions taken. The Governance Committee consists of the President-Elect and four Professional Members, two seasoned and two newer. They are responsible for nominating and electing the board for the next year.

Chapter President-Elect

The Chapter President-Elect is the first year of a three year Presidential track on the NSANW board. The primary responsibility is to shadow the current Chapter President to prepare to assume the role of Chapter President. Throughout the year, s/he will do a lot of listening to community to identify what is working, what can become even better.

It is required that the Chapter President-Elect will attend the annual Chapter Leadership Council at NSA Headquarters in Phoenix, AZ in November. Following this event, s/he will have monthly calls with our chapter’s CLC mentor (Chapter Leadership Consultant).

Beginning in January, the Chapter President-Elect will begin working with the Governance committee to develop the board slate for their upcoming term and create an annual theme based on how the board can best serve our chapter and take an active role in seeking new board candidates, developing a recommended slate for board to review. After that, s/he will work with the Program Committee to develop programming for the upcoming year.

The Chapter President-Elect is responsible for planning and leading the annual board retreat to be held shortly after annual board inauguration in June.


The Treasurer is responsible for coordinating, reviewing, and communicating to the board the budget and finances of the chapter.


The Secretary is responsible for documenting board meetings and being available for participating in other board or chapter-driven activities.

Membership Director

The Membership Director is responsible for maintaining our master Professional Membership and NW Candidate lists, compile New Member Packets and give to each guest at the meetings. S/He is expected to reach out to potential members prior to each meeting, at their annual dues renewal.

Prior to Chapter Meetings, the Membership Director is responsible for assigning and reminding board members to call within our community to help create that personal touch that our chapter is known for. The Membership Director is also responsible for tracking attendance for upcoming meetings and notifying the board and speaker about the number of people who are registered.

For Chapter Meetings, the Membership Director is responsible with the assistance of the Membership Committee, for print guest registrations, preparing and brining nametags, scheduling the Professional Member for ProX Speaking spotlight, displaying Membership folders and local / National information, presenting the updated Chapter information (membership totals, new members, new candidates, highlights “big wins”), and distribute speaker evaluations at break.

After Chapter Meetings, the Membership Director will collect name tags and evaluation, consolidate the evaluations and send to speaker and the Presidential Committee, and  send follow up email to guests.

Communications Director

The Communications Director is responsible for managing the technology aspect of the chapter including: website updates, updating our intake forms, event posting, event emails, maintaining our email list, and engaging with those who have questions about an upcoming event or are having problems registering for an event.

ProTrack Dean

The ProTrack Dean is responsible for planning and managing the ProTrack program including scheduling events and speakers, making sure ProTrack participants are paid and informed about the events and have access to files and the private group. This also includes organizing the Speaker Showcase at the end of each program.

The ProTrack Dean is responsible for reporting updates to the board about the progress of the ProTrack participants and identifying those who are interested in getting more involved in the chapter, organization, or speaking community.

Board Member-at-Large

There are two Board Member-at-Large positions on the board. They are filled by Professional Members who are either too new to the organization to know how they want to get involved or seasoned Professional Members who want to be involved but can’t make the commitment of a clearly defined role.

This position is also used as an advisory role to the Chapter President.

Board terms are two years for all positions except the Chapter President track which is a three year track. Board members are allowed to serve two consecutive terms (four years). After that they are required to take a minimum of one term off the board. This ensures we do not have ‘life-long’ board members and a fresh perspective is available.

If you are interested in a board position please contact the current board President at to learn more.