What a great third quarter!

Your NSA Northwest Board of Directors set its 2016-2017 chapter theme of “honoring the past and embracing the future.”  Part of living into this goal requires creating an experience where gatherings are fun, informative, valuable, and most importantly are worthy of talking about and revisiting.  It is rewarding hearing from you about how coming to NSA Northwest events is so much fun, feels like home and is a place to be around your peeps! In the spirit of sharing, below is a synopsis of what’s happened in the past couple of months.

February – Zoom into the future

Jill Schiefelbein’s 20 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Content for Publicity and Profit came to NSA Northwest via the big screen and Zoom videoconference technology.  That wasn’t the plan… 3 days before our chapter meeting, Jill called to let me know that because of a back injury, she was unable to get on a plane and travel from New York City.  After much discussion (in other words panic on my part), we settled into Plan B.  In addition to great content, Jill shared behind the scenes information about how she uses Zoom to deliver programs remotely.  Jill’s program was highly interactive, extremely valuable and the chapter learned about how it can embrace technology to deliver high value content remotely.

February – A mind-blowing business symposium

A big part of the chapter experience is convening together at National Events. Anna Liotta, CSP was co-chair of NSA Winter Conference in San Francisco; which provided; eye-opening content on the 4 pillars of building a speaking business, lots of community time for informal connecting and reconnecting along with an opportunity to spend Saturday night in the City.  As a special bonus, Jill Schiefelbein was medically cleared to make this trip and several of us from the chapter were able to grab a table and spend time with her on Friday evening.

Ten people represented NSA Northwest at NSA Winter Conference.  In addition to Anna, attending were professional members: Earl Bell, Lisa Copeland, Don Crawley, CSP, Arron Grow, Elisa Hays, Jennifer Stillings and Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE.  Also attending was Karen Walter and Brad Cochrane.  Special shout-out to Jennifer Stillings, who recently joined NSA and NSA Northwest based on a recommendation from Anna Liotta to check us out.  Thanks Anna and welcome Jenn!

March – TEDx in the house

Laura Leist hosted Andrea Driessen’s, “Top Tips for Giving a TEDx Talk” program at her home in Snohomish.  Joining Andrea was Lisa Phelps Dawes, who co-chairs the Speaker Team at TEDx Seattle.

One of the small shifts in programming our chapter implemented this year was to bring back more “in-home” meetings; which includes a content rich program followed by an after-party.

After Andrea’s program ended, everyone took a pizza break and then watched YouTube videos of Dan Diamond, MD talk last year at TEDxRainier and Bill Stainton’s recent talk at TEDxStanleyPark.  The link to Bill’s video will be available later this month.  Bill and Dan had us in stitches while they provided a behind the scenes peek of the TEDx experience.  These guys seriously need to do a podcast together!

The March chapter program was #Awesome! Thank you, Laura, for inviting us into your home.

We Hope You’ll Join Us

All our public chapter events through June 2017 are on the NSA Northwest website.  I look forward to seeing you soon!

Earl Bell, President

NSA Northwest Chapter