A Weekend with NSA President Dr. John Molidor
January 2017 marked the first time during my 3-year involvement with NSA that its National President visited our local chapter. Welcoming Dr. John Molidor to NSA Northwest and spending some alone time with him was a personal highlight!

John wanted me to know how enjoyable the entire experience was for him. It began when 11 national and local board members joined John for dinner on Friday night.

The following morning, Dr. Molidor’s program on how to engage the brain to increase Impact and Influence with audiences was simply brilliant and provided many immediately implementable ideas.

Afterwards, about 20 of us gathered for lunch, where John caught-up with his long-time friend Max Dixon.

During our drive to the airport, John wanted me to know that he felt the high level of energy at our chapter meeting and that it was so positive and uplifting.  Having heard this from each out-of-town speaker during the past 7 months, it makes me very proud of our board and attendees for creating and being part of such a positive learning environment and fun culture where people look forward to coming!

NSA Northwest gets social at ACME Bowl in Southcenter

Speaking of fun, several chapter members and three recent ProTrack 2016 graduates gathered on January 26th at ACME Bowl.  Thanks to Don Crawley, CSP and Maureen Manley for transforming this idea into action.  It was wonderful to have dinner, bowl and spend time with the people who make our chapter a tight-knit community.  Don and Maureen are planning on the next chapter social event to be held in March so stay tuned!

President’s Month – Past and Future
Tonight, NSA Northwest past Chapter President’s will gather at President-Elect Lisa Copeland’s house for camaraderie and to offer their guidance and support.  It’s also a way for the chapter to honor its past while embracing its future. I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect last year with past Chapter Presidents and Lisa is looking forward to the same!  We both feel so fortunate to be part of the Chapter’s leadership legacy and helping to shape its future.

Speaking of the future, Jill Schiefelbein is flying from NYC to deliver two programs on February 18th. The public event, “20 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Content for Publicity & Profit” is being followed by a special bonus session for member and candidates entitled, “Increase Your YouTube Presence and Design Your (Next) Video Series.  Both are can’t miss programs! Past chapter Presidents are invited to attend with no fee, compliments of the chapter as a small token of our appreciation for your past leadership.

We Hope You’ll Join Us!
All of our chapter events through June 2017 are on the NSA Northwest website.  I look forward to seeing you soon!

Earl Bell, President
NSA Northwest Chapter