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Have you ever been traveling and wondered if / when and where other chapters have their meetings with an amazing speaker while you are in town? Wonder no more!  National Speakers Association has launched a new resource for Professional Members.  A chapter event calendar that enables professional members an opportunity to find and connect with their peers!

  • Click here to view the NSA Chapter Meeting Schedules.

Professional Member Corner

NSA Northwest’s Book Publishing Panel Discussion – November 17, 2017.

Thank you to Jan Dwyer Bang, CSP for hosting our In-home November meeting for Professional Members.

Legacy Member Dorothy Wilhelm  moderated the lively discussion, which was followed by a social/dinner party, where lots of masterminding and fun occurred!

Meet our expert panelists:

Don Crawley, CSP           Laura Leist                   Brad Cochrane                                                  

 Recognizing our CSP’s

November is CSP™ (Certified Speaking Professional) Designation Awareness Month. Less than 12 percent of the 5,000+ speakers worldwide currently hold this professional designation. The CSP designation is the speaking profession’s highest earned international measure of professional platform competence. When you earn your CSP designation, meeting professionals recognize your commitment to the profession; know you have top-notch speaking abilities and are a successful professional speaker.

NSA Northwest is proud to recognize EIGHT Professional Members who have achieved their CSP!

Brian Walter CSP, CPAE               Jan Dwyer Bang CSP

Anna Liotta, CSP                             Bill Stainton, CSP

Jan McLaughlin, CSP                     Linda Keith, CSP

Don Crawley, CSP                           Dr. Patt Schwab, CSP


Monthly Recap

October NSA Northwest hosted Steve Napolitan.  His amazing presentation enlighten us all on “How to Find Your WOW Client.” Several of the participants have signed up to participate in Steve’s 2018 workshop!

Top 10:  NSA Northwest President, Lisa Copeland, revealed sponsorship opportunities to take your speaking business from FREE to FEE!

Speakers Uncorked:  A Virtual Happy Hour

  • President Elect Elisa Hays hosted NSA Northwest’s virtual meeting for Professional Members.
  • The focus:  What are you thankful for in your business?
  • Elisa also provided a fantastic recap of her experience at Chapter Leadership Institute, which is a 3-day leadership course at NSA National, designed to prepare the President Elect for serving as Chapter President in 2018-19.

 Coming Up Next

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for the invitations to attend.

  • Saturday December 2, 2017 NSA Northwest Holiday Gathering
  • Friday January 19, 2018 NSA Northwest hosts Laurie Guest

 A Final Note of Gratitude to Our Veterans

Thank you to all our NSA Northwest members and candidates who have served our country.

We are forever grateful for your dedication to keep our homeland safe.

I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

Warmest Regards,

Lisa Copeland

President, NSA Northwest Chapter