On August 21, 2017, Past Chapter Presidents Bill Stainton, CSP and Vanna Novak organized a celebration for Brian Walter and Anna Liotta at the World Trade Center in Seattle to celebrate our chapter’s first representation in the National President track. Brian is currently serving as National President from July 2017-18, and Anna Liotta will be serving as National President from July 2019-2020.

True to NSANW style, it was a very fun event with crazy presentations, including Brian and Anna’s heads on a stick. We affectionately renamed the event “President Bri-Ana’s Celebration” and renamed them “President Bri-Ana”.

Here is one of the activities we did,

Top 10 Benefits of Being National NSA President.”

10. When you die, your face can be on NSA currency.
09. You don’t get to spend the night in the Lincoln Bedroom, but you DO get to spend seven hours in Jan McLaughlin’s walk-in closet.
08. Can make the sun disappear…well Brian can. (The event was held on the day of the total solar eclipse.)
07. Has veto power over the Max Dixon Eloquence Awardee.
06. Gullible people think you run the National Security Agency.
05. Gets to determine the exact shade of Mel DePaoli dyes her hair each year.
04. Gets to call out CNN as fake news…I’m sorry, that’s a benefit of being UNITED STATES President. I don’t know how that got in there.
03. Ten percent of all membership dues goes into your personal “sequined wardrobe” account.
02. The President of Toastmasters HAS to return your phone calls.
And the number one benefit of being National NSA President…the President of NSA is also technically the Earl of Bell.

See the photos from this event on the NSANW Facebook page. *