Serving this year as your Chapter President has been so rewarding because YOU have repeatedly taken the time to acknowledge our Board of Directors’ commitment to be 2% better in service to you.  As a board, we truly enjoyed working with each other and had a lot of FUN.  Our reward was simple… the energy felt at chapter events became positively infectious!

Chapter meetings

Many of you let us know that you immediately felt welcomed, encouraged and supported at our chapter meetings.”  Additionally, you have said “I get great value, look forward to attending AND can see/feel the difference!”

To get 2% better, we launched a new idea and began each chapter meeting with the TOP 10 segment, courtesy of Executive Producer Bill Stainton. The idea was to start each meeting with useful, nuts and bolts information that can be implemented immediately.  We heard from you that TOP 10 is a huge hit!

Thank you to: Dr. Paul Jenkins, Anna Liotta, CSP, Jan Dwyer Bang, CSP, Linda Keith, CSP, Jessica Pettitt, CSP, Thom Winninger, CSP, CPAE, Dr. John Molidor, CSP, Jill Schiefelbein, Andrea Driessen, Jean Marie DiGiovanna, Max Dixon, Kerstin O’Shields, Elisa Hays, and Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE for sharing your expertise. You opened our minds to possibilities for expanding our businesses while providing tangible tools that are quickly executable.  We appreciate your generosity!

Social connection

As a board, we feel accomplished for achieving our highest purpose, which is creating a greater feeling of community.  We committed to support more social activities and elevate the quality of interaction at each meeting.

To get 2% better, we made a commitment to be more social while rotating venues so that NSA Northwest events became more accessible to its members. Lisa Copeland hosted a summer party on Mercer Island in July and a holiday gathering in December. In September, Elisa Hays hosted a CSP Panel at her home in Puyallup. In November, the chapter visited an Irish Pub in Bellevue which was followed in January with a bowling outing in Tukwila. In March, Laura Leist hosted a chapter event at her home in Snohomish while Dr. Patt Schwab, CSP, hosted a fun cookie-making party at her home in Seattle.  It was especially heart-warming to see long-time NSA members attend our social gatherings!  Huge thanks to Don Crawley, CSP and Maureen Manley for your leadership in making NSA Northwest more social!

A special thank you….

Jan McLaughlin, CSP, and Bill Stainton have come to the end of their board service.  As Past Chapter Presidents, both contributed their vast expertise and healthy perspective but most important, they were so helpful and encouraging. Jan has started the process of passing the ProTrack Dean leadership baton to Ron Rael while Bill looks forward to seeing the TOP 1

Passing the baton is exciting because the chapter experience will only get better

As last year’s Chapter President Mel DePaoli said, “I am excited to enter the “Past President’s Club!” This year, I am fortunate to pass the baton to Lisa Copeland and offer service to her board.  You will notice Lisa’s exuberance for elevating the chapter experience and appreciate her leadership in the year ahead!

With gratitude…

Earl Bell, President – NSA Northwest